International Association of Wildland Fire

Wildland Fire Policy Summit™


Towards our goal of "facilitating communication and providing leadership to the wildland fire community", the IAWF has facilitated two meetings attended by the major U. S. wildland fire organizations to discuss ways they can work together to more effectively address the wildland fire problem. The meetings, entitled Wildland Fire Policy Summits, were attended by representatives from a wide variety of organizations, both governmental and non-governmental.

First Wildland Fire Policy Summit, 2002

On February 12, 2002, the first summit was held in Washington, D.C. The wildland fire leaders discussed cooperation and mutual support of the agencies involved in wildland fire and the development of processes for addressing ongoing concerns.

The major issue that emerged from the meeting was the need for all organizations to improve their communications with each other and to work together toward implementing existing plans, such as the National Fire Plan. The group expressed interest in working together to address implementation of the "Collaborative Approach for Reducing Wildland Fire Risks to Communities and the Environment," a 10-year strategy crafted by the Bush Administration through the USDA and USDI, in cooperation with the Western Governors Association and a number of other organizations and stakeholders. The attendees agreed that the Summit was very productive and that similar meetings should occur in the future.

The full report is available online as a PDF file. (96 KB)

Second Wildland Fire Policy Summit, 2006

The International Association of Wildland Fire invited the national leaders in the field of wildland fire to meet in the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, DC on February 9, 2006 to discuss the future of national wildland fire policy and strategy in the United States. Assisted by two representatives from Canadian wildland fire agencies, the participants exchanged ideas on policy issues of importance to the entire wildland fire community.

The participants focused on three issues:

1. Measuring Performance in Wildland Fire Mitigation and Vegetation Restoration
2. Fire in the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI)
3. The Workforce

The group developed recommendations in five areas:

1. The need for a national wildland fire policy or strategy.
2. Measuring performance on restoration and mitigation work.
3. Wildland Urban Interface
4. Workforce issues
5. Communicating the issues of the Second Wildland Fire Policy Summit

The full report is available online as a PDF file. (216 KB)