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12th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit

"A New Approach to Wildland Fire Safety"

Presented by the International Association of Wildland Fire

October 25 - 26, 2012

Citigate Central in the Haymarket

Sydney, Australia




The 12th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit was held in Sydney, Australia in conjunction with the 2012 World Firefighter's Games.

Since 1997, the International Wildland Fire Safety Summit has been the gathering place for members of the global wildland fire community to focus on safety: to discuss significant events and trends in safety, to promote best practices in safety training and operations, to reveal safety related research findings, and to explore new approaches to safety.

The theme of the summit was "A new approach to wildland fire safety". The predictable aging and ultimate retirement of a significant part of our workforce presents a range of new challenges as we prepare to 'handover the torch". Maximising opportunities for the transfer of key skills, knowledge, and a 'safety culture' rooted in genuine 'lessons learned' while managing the health and fitness issues associated with their workforce, are very much current issues. These issues loom in an environment where most organisations are continually being pressed to do more with less. How do we 'pass on the torch' without dropping it?


Summit participants are encouraged to take part in any of the 71 sports offered at the 2012 World Firefighter's Games

(Oct. 19–28, 2012)